Umanoove Dance Company

Choreographer: Didy Veldman
Set and Costume Designer: Joana Dias
Lighting Design: Ben Ormerod

Venue: Ipswich DanceEast, UK and International Tour
January - November 2018

"The dancers enter the wedding venue in silence, undressed, surrounded by chairs and a backdrop of tastefully large light bulbs – think Bausch’s Café Müller via London Fields. They prepare for the celebration in slow-mo, allowing all the normally private rituals and gestures to be seen in a new light. The chairs are used in ingenious ways; as a 4th dancer in a quartet; as percussive sound to create rhythm; or as sculpture to depict ceremonial architecture and invisible boundaries created by society." - Matthew Paluch, Culture Whisper online review

Video by Roswitha Chesher // vitafilms
Photographs by Chris Nash