An Opera UpClose production

Director: Rodula Gaitanou
Set and Costume Designers: Joana Dias & Jamie Vartan
Lighting Designer: Simon Corder

Venue: King’s Head Theatre
Dates: 3rd April - 5th May 2012

“Credit must go to designers, Joana Dias and Jamie Vartan for creating a really lived in set, piled to the rafters with stolen goods and random objects, the clutter really helps to involve us in the action.” -

“The set, designed by Joana Dias and Jamie Vartan, accurately portrayed the shared house of young adults, who clearly hadn’t really matured into ‘adult’ society. (…) Their dress, quirky tattoos and hairstyles reminded me of ‘This is England’ and the idea of a gritty underworld was just as prevalent.” -

Photographs and sketches by Joana Dias